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Become the 40th Board

Interested in becoming the next board of B&R Beurs?

Feel free to come by the office or ask your questions to one of the current board members during one of our events. 

We also get you may have questions about the society and the roles within the board before applying. Join one of the events in the upcoming time where you can have a drink and share all your questions with us:
- March 21st from 5pm till 7pm: Board Interest Drink I 
- March 28th from 5pm till 7pm: Board Interest Drink II 
April 11th from 5pm till 7pm: Board Interest Drink III 

Further, read more about the different functions within the board and our experiences beneath. If you want to know more or have a personal talk/drink, don't hesitate to mail/app us!


As President of the association, your main responsibilities are to guide the board, maintaining relations with associations, further develop the association to improve the experience of all B&R Beurs members, and bearing end responsibility for the entire association.

The beginning of the year is always quite a busy period full of getting up to speed, meeting with all kinds of stakeholders and starting with doing the base work upon which you can build your year. For the complete knowledge transfer, it is important to have numerous meetings varying from the contact and events with other associations and stakeholders, go over the internal and external framework of B&R Beurs and discuss the strategic positioning of B&R Beurs within the broader landscape. Besides, it is important to have knowledge regarding every other position and the additional responsibilities, in order to stay up to date at all times.

Another important task of yours is to enhance the experience for B&R members and ensure that the association can thrive long term. In order to reach this goal, we will be rehauling our strategic plan in order to ensure a strong and sustainable long term growth for the association. Both setting up and guarding the long term strategy is part of the presidents’ task, and should be done with great care. 

Another important part of being President of B&R Beurs is to guide your board, oversee your committee(s) and manage stakeholders. Guiding your board does not only mean chairing meetings or organising some board activities; it means leading by example, oftenly checking in with your fellow board members and sometimes taking (not so fun) decisions. 

All in all it already sounds like a huge challenge, but there is even more I would love to share! If you are interested in the position as President of the 40th board of B&R Beurs or a board year in general, don’t hesitate to send me a text or mail to grab a coffee or a beer!

Kind Regards,

Minou du Bois  | M +31 [0]6 238 743 74


As Secretary, your main responsibilities are being the first contact for members, maintaining relations with the different investment groups and overseeing the administration of the society.

You are the backbone of the society which entails diverse tasks during the year. During the introduction period you will experience the most registrations of new members. Next to that, you will help the members find an investment group to join or help with setting up a new investment group! This will probably be the busiest period of the board year in this position.

 During the entire year you keep contact with the members and chairmen with different communication channels like mailings and apps. Further, you are often the first contact for any issues regarding the well-being of the members. This often results in working together with other board members to resolve these issues. They will also often ask for help about data or sharing info with the members where you can assist them. In that way you will be in the centre and have a clear view of the whole society.

Besides this , as a board member you will oversee different committees and be the face of the society. Want to know more about my experiences? Send me a mail/app and let’s have a drink!

Kind regards,

Emkje van Zuijlekom | M 31 [0] 6 2146 9779


As most of our society has to do with money you have the most central role in the board. As Treasurer your prime responsibility lies in making financial decisions and carefully administrating all payments. So you are both the CFO and accountant. This you do throughout the year but not always with the same workload.

At the start of the year It is substantially busier. You need to make budgets that are in line with what is closing in your master budget. You need to make a clear picture of where you want to allocate the money to. Say you want to spend more money on education, you need to take some money from, for instance, activities and you need to justify these decisions. 

The other prime task is accounting; every day everyone has all types of payments that they do every day and you need to carefully keep track of these payments in Exact.
You need to take money as well as spending it. The most money comes from the members and the partners. You need to make a clear administration of what money of which member comes in at what time to make sure you do not have people dissatisfied. 

Supervising committees is a fun part of your responsibilities as well. I have been responsible for two committees this year; editorial and ski trip. All are equally fun to be a supervisor for but everyone has their favourite and you will discover this for yourself as well. 

I have plenty more to tell you about my function but I was told to keep it in this word count so please contact me if you have any questions or merely want to know more about my function.

Kind regards,

Noa de Blaeij  | M +31 [06] 23192252

Commissioner of Activities & Marketing

As Commissioner of Activities & Marketing you’re responsible for organising a variety of events throughout the year. It all starts with the most important period of the year: The Introduction Period.
In the first few months of your board year you will be solely focused on organising the Introduction Period. One of your first responsibilities, therefore, is putting together the Introduction Period Committee. Together with this committee, you will be responsible for the Eurekaweek, the Introduction Drinks, and the Introduction Weekend. During the summer you and your committee will walk through these events and plan them accordingly.

After the Introduction Weekend has passed the Investment Groups start recruiting their new members and the year can finally start. The workload decreases and you can start with the actual core of your function; Organising activities. Together with the Activities Committee, you will organise several social activities throughout the year. This can vary from beer tastings to football tournaments.

The second core task of this function is marketing. You are responsible for marketing every event that B&R will organise. This means that you will keep in close contact with your Commissioner of Education & Career and your Commissioner of External Affairs to see what events need to be marketed and in what manner. After making a plan you and the Marketing Committee will make the designs and post them on the respective marketing channels.

Of course as social events manager of the board you experience a lot more during a board year. It’s impossible to tell you everything here so I would love to tell you all about what doing a board year is like in person!

Kind regards,

Sophie Kronenburg  | M +31 [0] 6 104 206 37

Commissioner of External Affairs

As Commissioner of External Affairs your main responsibility lies with maintaining contact with the society’s partners and reaching out to new ones. 

Your job starts directly after the general assembly of members, as you will have to start with your first tasks right away. This entails setting up meetings with partners to introduce yourself, evaluate last year’s collaboration and discuss opportunities for a renewed partnership for your academic year. Some of these meetings will be done in collaboration with me, your predecessor, but you will quickly be on your own.

You work a lot with the Commissioner of Education and Career, who will be joining you in most of the initial meetings. Together you will pitch the benefits of a partnership with B&R Beurs to partners, follow up on those pitches by mail and plan any potential events. If you made any agreements with regards to (direct) recruitment, you will adjust our website’s career board or reach out to students to refer to the partner in question.

Once you finish your years initial meetings, you will mainly be concerned with executing and honouring the agreements with regards to events and recruitment. This means keeping in touch your contacts through calls and emails to discuss the specifics of events. To plan these events you will have to collaborate with the Commissioner of Activities and Marketing to market your events to our members, and make a plan for the participants. 

Lastly, you will personally attend almost all career events to make sure that they run smoothly, make everyone feel welcome and participate in the sessions to encourage active participation by the attendees. This gives you the opportunity to learn a lot about the world of finance which is great for your personal development as well. Of course this also involves attending the subsequent drinks and networking with the company's employees and B&R Beurs members.

Does executing the responsibilities of the most outgoing and professionally involved board member sound interesting to you? Be sure to come to one of the drinks to talk to me and my predecessors about it while enjoying a beer together.

See you soon!

Tristan Dieles  | M +31 [0]6 395 902 11

Commissioner of Education & Career

What a year it has been! Luckily, I’ve been able to see some of you during the career and education events. 
As the Education & Career Officer, your mission is to help B&R Beurs’ members develop their skills and passion in Finance & Investing. This means being in charge of all the educational and career activities, and of course also the most important B&R event: the Investment Competition. This is a very diverse job, as you get to know all aspects of the association. 

What’s really important to know is that your role has the opportunity to create a long-lasting impact on the association for many years. Whether it is the creation of the Investment Guide, the changing of the Investment Competition or the start of a long partnership with a finance party that you have your eyes on – you can create a legacy from which future members will benefit years after you’ve left and shape the B&R of tomorrow.

Do you think you can fulfil the role and are you looking for a challenge? Then join the board interest drinks or have a coffee with me!

Kind regards,

Bob Schrijver | M +31 [0]6 393 856 13