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Past Commissioner of External Affairs

  • 2022/2023: Tristan Dieles

  • Investment Group: Vico Investments

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  • Member since: 2020

  • About my board year: As commissioner of external affairs, I found my role engaging, fostering partnerships with financial professionals. Organizing career events, I facilitated networking opportunities. Open and approachable, I invited others to connect over drinks, embodying inclusive leadership. Overall, my bestuursjaar was marked by excitement and commitment to fostering meaningful connections.

  • 2022/2023: Job Koning

  • Investment Group: Merx

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  • Member since: 2018

  • About my board year: As commissioner of external affairs commissioner, I managed partnerships and networked with finance professionals, hosting rewarding career events. My term was challenging yet fulfilling, fostering valuable connections and experiences for members.

  • 2021/2022: Esmee Passtoors

  • Investment Group: Hercules

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  • Member since: 2017

  • About my board year: Reflecting on my board year, it's been a whirlwind of networking and organizing. Though mostly virtual, I've managed to connect with some during online career events. Excited for upcoming face-to-face interactions. As External, expanding B&R Beurs' network was my focus. From meeting partners to organizing events, it's been a fulfilling journey navigating the financial world and shaping the society's strategy. Coordinating committees and securing speakers for key events added depth to the experience. Ready to share insights over coffee or a walk.

  • 2019/2020: Tim Bakkeren