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Let’s introduce ourselves

Accent Circonflexe Groupe, established in 1992, is a trading company trading mainly shares at all major European financial markets. In the early years we were active on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange, as Market Maker.  We are proprietary traders, have no clients and we are trading on behalf of the company. Our traders are independently analyzing the markets and taking positions in various instruments on stock exchanges, on their own initiative (day-to-day hedge fund). We think we have the winning trading environment: an in-house developed application suite integrated with a range of worldwide recognized financial software products. At this very moment we are looking for Junior Traders to man our US-desk. In a recently set up training environment you check in early afternoon, prepare for US-markets and start trading the moment exchanges across the Atlantic open.

Most of our traders work from our Amsterdam office. Sitting in the monumental "‘t Einde van de Wereld’" (End of the World) we could hardly aim for a better spot: next to Central Station and in the heart of our ever-lively capital. In 2016 a new office opened in the heart of Utrecht, a historic city, characterized by canals, terraces and a vibrant atmosphere! This fast-growing office is viewing the famous 112 meters high Dom. And then there’s the sister-company on Cyprus, a good place for our Dutch traders to share their insights on trading with our international colleagues and meanwhile enjoy the advantage of beautiful sunny beaches there!

What do we look for in our traders

Our traders are mostly young and enthusiastic with a professional attitude. Defining a typical trader from background, education, hobbies and interests, is very hard, although there are some obvious similarities between them. Most have had an academic education and a strong personality. There is always passion for the business and an urge to win ‘the game’.  Most traders show this in private life as well:  some are excellent poker players or professional sportsmen, but also online gamers that are devoted to DOTA and LoL; anything, as long as it involves risk assessment, patience and controlled aggression.

Through a flat organization structure, we maintain a positive working atmosphere. Even now, when we have to keep our distance, most colleagues love to come to the office. Not only to find an advanced state of the art trading set-up; they also find the fridges filled to their liking, there’s room for relaxation (darts, pool table, boxing bag, bikes, weekly professional massage) all without dress code. We are happy that terraces in Amsterdam and Utrecht have opened again so we can -like before COVID-19- evaluate markets over drinks and food. Next Spring, we hope to visit Ischgl again for a ski-trip.

What about you

You read the above and realize we are looking for you! If that’s the case, and you don’t mind the US-trading hours, send us your resume and a hell of a motivational letter. We will invite you to our online tests and if the results contribute to our impression of you as an excellent candidate: before you know you might be sitting at one of our desks to experience the real thing in a personal assessment!

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Need more info?

Please call our Happiness Officer, Coco Koole. She will explain why your application could be the first step to job-of-a-lifetime

020 52 40 433