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IBS Capital Allies

Investment Management
Corporate Finance, Investments
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About IBS Capital Allies

IBS was established in 1987 as the Institute for Investment Strategy (Instituut voor Beleggingsstrategie). We employ about 50 professionals and we specialise in Asset Management, Corporate Finance, Fiduciary Management and Fund Management. Our client base includes entrepreneurs, high-net-worth individuals and institutions.

We now manage above EUR 3 billion for our clients. We are not a bank, for asset management activities we work with reputable depository banks.

Our core values

It is our mission to be the best possible ally of our clients. An ally in the increasingly complex financial world, where we seize opportunities with our clients and at the same time manage risks. We do that by being consistently faithful to our core values: opinionated, courageous, honest and enterprising.


Advising is people work. And with us, you’re dealing with real people. Autonomously thinking professionals – senior enough to be themselves. Professionals who are able to listen, have knowledge of business issues, have their own story, and know what it means to be in business together. This creates focus and diversity and, we think, leads to the best results.


We don’t hide behind processes and procedures. We do our own thinking and don’t necessarily do what the majority does. This enables us to create customised solutions that are off the beaten path. We listen to our clients and advise in their interest. That is our principle.


An ally is for good times and difficult times. Are the markets or investments depressed? We’re honest about that. And about the consequences for your situation. We are honest about our costs and those of third parties with whom we work. No small print or secret agendas here. Does something go wrong sometime? Then we’re also honest about that.


We are entrepreneurs ourselves. Our shares are privately held. We invest in the same companies and funds for ourselves as we do for our clients. Following the same principles, according to long-term objectives. We therefore align our interests with those of our clients. And we are able to achieve the best joint effort.