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International Introduction to Securities and Investments

Why study the International Introduction to Investment?

The International Introduction to Investment offers a broad introduction to the financial services professional sector, with a specific focus on investments from a global perspective. It is the foundation exam for many higher level CISI qualifications in wealth, operations, compliance and risk or capital markets and corporate finance.

The qualification focuses on international markets and covers key financial principles and products in depth including assets and markets, equities, bonds, derivatives and investment funds. It explores the broader economic environment in which the financial services profession operates and looks at how economic activity is determined and managed in different economic and political systems. The qualification offers an introduction to financial services regulation and ensures candidates are provided with an understanding of ethical behaviour and acting with integrity.

The syllabus covers:

• Economic environment

• Financial assets and markets

• Equities

• Bonds

• Derivatives

• Investment funds

• Financial services regulation

• Other financial products

Please note that outside the UK, the exam registration fee covers a package including the workbook in eBook and pdf format, Revision Express eLearning access, mock exam questions as well as 12-month access to student membership. Students in full time education are offered a 50% discount on all exam fees.

You can learn more on the CISI website here.