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Harvard Case Competition

This year, B&R Beurs and IFSA will try to form a team for the Harvard Case Competition!

Do you want the chance to participate in one of Harvard's finest events? Then grab your smartest friends and form a team! B&R Beurs and IFSA will be handpicking the finest students from our network to particpate in the Global Case Competition by Harvard (GCCH)!

During our joint event, we will present you with a case that is similair to last year's Harvard case. You will have three full days to solve this case together with your team.

First, some information about the actual Harvard Case which will take place right after ours!

You can form a team of 2-5 people
Showcase your financial skill, network with industry professionals, and win a $10,000 cash prize!
Additionally, the top 3 teams will also receive free access to the Harvard GSAS Business Club’s annual flagship event, the Mini-MBA 2021.
This is an exclusive, 10-session summer event led by Harvard Business School professors using the renowned HBS Case Method.
The winners not only get the chance to discuss complex business problems and real-world scenarios under the guidance of the world’s top business thinkers, but also build their professional network by meeting people from a vast array of disciplines from all over the world.

Case date and time:
Monday 22nd of February       -        Sunday 14th of March

(You will get access to the case right after we announce who is the winner)

Second, some information about the B&R Beurs x IFSA Case Competition

You can form a team of 2-5 people or subscribe individually. If you subscribe individually you will be put in a team with people that also subscirbed individually.
The case will be similair to the GCCH-case from last year. You and your team will have three full days to complete this case to the best of your knowledge.
We will select the team that anwsers all questions the best and pay their entrance fee for the GCCH.

Case date and time:
Friday 19th of February - 12:00       -        Monday 22nd of February - 12:00

Registrations will close on Thursday the 18th at 23:59.

You can subscribe yourself or your team if click on one of the ticket options to the right.
If you buy a team ticket you will receive an email to subscribe your teammates 


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