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Walking Dinner II

After months of waiting we can finally sit on the terrace of our favourite bars and restaurants again! To take full advantage of this situation B&R will organize a walking dinner together with Apartt, Mooi, and Dertien on the 17th of June from 17:00 till 22:00.

For just €10 you will get a three course meal and drinks for the regular B&R prices (€1 for beer, €2 for wine). You can choose between these options:


  • Salmon tartar
  • Beef carpaccio
  • Vegetarian option (TBA)


  • Codfish
  • Bavette
  • Vegetarian option (TBA)


  • Chocolate and vanilla surprise

You can fill in any dietary preferences at the form on the ticket page.

Each group will start at one of the venues and walk to another after 1,5 hour. We will reserve 32 spots per venue to we can sell 96 tickets in total. You can buy a ticket for yourself or for your group but please note that the maximum number of people at one table is 4. 

Registations this Friday at 09:00!


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