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Social Drink at Apartt

Subscriptions open monday 21st of June at 21:00

Finally we are able to organize a social drink at Apartt again!

A total of 150 members can join us at Apartt for a social drink with B&R bear and wine prices. As certain COVID restrictions are still in place we want you to keep you and your Investment Group members to certain rules:
  • Stay seated (only when you are getting drinks or going to the toilet, you can walk over the terrace)
  • Sit on the terrace you signed up for (there will be 3 different terraces at Apartt, the one you signed up for is the one you stay at; no switching!)
  • Last orders at 21:45, everybody has left before 22:00 (otherwise we won't be able to host this kind of drinks again)
  • Stay at home if you have any COVID related symptoms and send an email to
We really want you to stick to these rules and ask you to speak up to members who don't. It is important for Roy (the owner of Apartt) as he will get a fine if we do not keep ourselves to the rules mentioned above.
Please select one of the three tickets on the right and discuss with your Investment Group at what terrace you want to be seated. Everybody needes to order their ticket individually!


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