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ESG Career Cycle

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Sustainability is a hot topic where financial companies are increasingly paying attention to their social and environmental footprint whenever they make investment decisions. For banks, asset managers, and institutions, the application of an ESG framework can make drastic changes to the way they work and operate.

The transition to this new paradigm will not be easy, but companies that successfully adapt will find unique ways to create investment strategies and gain more market share. Knowing about this topic is not only highly valued by employers but is also essential to keep up with the latest developments in the financial sector. 

The ESG Career Days are meant to bring you in contact with companies in this sector that will teach you how these concepts are applied in practice. Participating companies will be, amongst others, CAIA and NLC Health. 

You can find more information about the lectures by clicking on the links to the right to this website, where you are able to see the event details. This is an open event for all members of B&R Beurs and the Erasmus University.


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