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B&R Career - Morgan Stanley & Amplified Trading Workshop

Morgan Stanley & Amplify Trading
B&R Beurs is proudly partnering with Morgan Stanley and Amplify Trading to deliver an exciting online trading simulation. Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work on an investment bank trading floor or for an asset management firm? Then join this online event and experience market making and sales trading!
The best performing students will be able to join an intensive bootcamp programme by Amplify Trading and a chance to have a recruitment interview with Morgan Stanley.
How to join?
Click on this link and fill in the form, there is no CV selection! At the bottom, make sure to select "Rotterdam School of Management | B&R Beurs" as the correct time slot!
What to expect?
  1. Introduction and Lecture on Core Theory (45 min.)
    1. Financial industry overview
    2. Institutional objectives
    3. Market structures and liquidity
    4. Role performance metrics
  2. Simulation (1 hours)
    1. Session 1 on Asset Management
    2. Session 2 on Sales Trading & Market Making
  3. Review (15 min.)


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