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Why this Hedge Fund doesn't use ML - Transtrend

About Transtrend
What started as a research project in 1987 turned into one of the largest hedge funds active in the Netherlands. Transtrend is specialized in the development and applications of systemic investment strategies and has about USD 3.9 billion assets under management. With a team of 60 professionals, Transtrend is known for its Diversified Trend Program which launched in 1992 and has since then seen steady returns regardless of large market swings. 
Event: Save our Thumbs
The current popularity of using machine learning (ML) comes from the fact that ML is an extremely powerful tool. Our hesitation towards using machine learning for investment analysis comes from the fact that ML is an extremely powerful tool.

Who would you trust to use a heavy hammer: the experienced craftsman, i.e. the carpenter, or the amateur who regularly misses the nail? Who are the most enthusiastic appliers of ML in investment analysis: the financial experts with the deepest fundamental understanding of the market?  Or ambitious technicians that belief that ML can serve as a substitute for expertise?

While machine learning is important in finance, Harold de Boer will provide a different perspective; why they do not employ machine learning techniques in their investment strategies. Join the session to learn how the largest hedge fund in the Netherlands does not employ this technique and why it is able to remain successful without it.

Harold de Boer, Ir.

Managing Director, Head of Research & Development

Harold is the architect of our Diversified Trend Program, responsible for research & development, portfolio management and trading. Harold was born and raised on a dairy farm in Drenthe. And from a young age, he has been intrigued by linking mathematics to the real world around us.


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