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Interfaculty Rotterdam Cooking Workshop with Job Pattinasarany

Learn how to cook like a real chef!

Have you always wanted to be the best chef of your group of friends? Or do you even burn water? Then the Interfaculty Rotterdam Cooking Workshop with Job Pattinasarany is something for you!

We proudly present you the first Interfaculty event of this year, which will take place on the 9th of March from 17:30 till 20:00: a cooking workshop with Job Pattinasarany from 24 Kitchen! This innovative and humorous Rotterdam chef takes you along in the preparation of a delicious meal (piece of meat or a vegetarian option) for only € 7.50! How do you best prepare a piece of meat? Where should you pay attention? Job will tell you all about it! 

One box has all the ingredients for one person!

The cooking workshop will be livestreamed from Job’s restaurant El Parador in Rotterdam-West. Along with some members of Interfaculty Job will guide you in how to prepare your meal. Ticket sale will go live on the 24th of February 09:00 AM! Tickets include a cooking workshop from Job and a foodbox which you can pick up at El Parador in Rotterdam-West. Buy your ticket before March 2nd 8:00 PM on the website of your association.

The date and timeslots to pickup the boxes will be announced later by mail!

Interfaculty Rotterdam is a collaboration of several study and faculty associations located in Rotterdam. We are looking forward to cooking with Job Pattinasarany and we hope that many of you will join us!


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