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IMC Business Course

Do you have what it takes to become a trader?

Are you in your final year of a technical or quantitative study? Do you want to experience how you can use your skills as a trader? Participate in our Trading Business Course on 2 November. The event will be online.

In the Trading Business Course, you discover how you can have impact on the financial markets as a trader at IMC. You will learn more about trading, discuss trading strategies with our traders and challenge yourself in a trading simulation. We will also make sure to introduce you to our informal culture at IMC.  

The Trading Business Course:

  • Discover the world of high frequency trading and technology.
  • Trading simulation based on real-world data.
  • Q&A’s to learn more about our informal culture.

Are we a good match? We will fast track your application as a Graduate Trader for our August 2022 traineeship.


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