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Academy: Algorithmic Trading I

Algorithmic Trading 1

No investing, maths and coding experience required.

In this academy, the algorithmic trading track will talk about rules-based investing and demonstrate results of a systematic trading strategy. 

Topics include:

  • Human cognitive biases (e.g. hindsight bias, Daniel Kahneman, etc.) 
  • Overview of industry participants using algorithms such as traders, asset managers, hedge funds, etc.
  • Application of algorithms in trade execution, trading ideas and portfolio allocation 
  • Historical demonstration of a simple trading rule including pseudocode

How to join?

You can join the academies in two ways, 1) physically on campus or 2) online via our Zoom live-stream. The live-streams will not be recorded for the purposes of sharing it afterwards. We encourage everyone to attend the Academies on the day and ask questions in person or through the online chat. 

Follow for the details of the stream.


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