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Financial Engineering Cycle

Rabobank | Natural Language Processing

About Rabobank

Rabobank is a global leader in agriculture, food, and sustainability financing and is headquartered in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Besides retail banking, the company is also leading in investment banking and treasury services in the Netherlands. They are also a leader in fintech
Welcome to Natural Language Processing (NLP), where art and statistics meet each other. We will dive into the good, bad and ugly of natural languages and tell you (i) how you setup your own NLP code, (ii) what statistical methods are related to it and (iii) the best practices in the industry. Last, but not least, we will tell you how we use it within Rabobank. At the end, you should have some basic understanding and tools to start your NLP journey. The presentation will be given by one of the Advanced Analytics Young Professionals of Rabobank, a position for which we are looking to hire approximately 35 (PhD) students each year. Want to know more? Then join us for this session of the Financial Engineering Project.
Paul Hendriks, FDP
CFO Treasury Modelling, Analytics & Innovation


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