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Academy: Macro investing II

Macro Investing II

This academy focuses on bringing to life the theoretical concepts discussed in MI1, by analysing famous hedge funds and their investors' philosophies in trading and in life. With a touch of personal development, you will discover and be inspired in your own trading strategies by the fascinating connections of what makes George Soros and Ray Dalio ultimately successful. At the end, we have a cool story about Russia, oligarchs, crimes and a mind-blowing hedge fund. Want to find it out? Then join us!

Note that in this Academy, the point system takes place (both online and offline!). Get your ticket and get it scanned! Everyone who attends can earn points for a nice social activity with their Investment Group.

This time, we will be giving out The Wealth of Nations for the winner of the Kahooot.  

How to join?

You can join the Academy either via the livestream or offline. Please follow the links below. 

Topic: B&R Beurs Academy
Time: Thursdays at 17:00

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 960 0231 0266
Passcode: 193082


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