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Academy: Fundamental Investments III

Fundamental Analysis III

In FA 3 we will be implementing techniques used in investment banks, hedge funds, and other financial market participants to value a publicly-listed company. This academy will drive home the concepts explained in the earlier instalments of the track with an exciting, practical finish.

How to join?

You can join via a livestream or offline. Note that in this Academy, the point system takes place (both online and offline!). Get your ticket and get it scanned! Everyone who attends can earn points for a nice social activity with their Investment Group. Note that if you are online, attendance only counts if you fill in the Kahoot. Online points are worth 0.5 than normal points.  

Topic: B&R Beurs Academy
Time: Thursdays at 17:00

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 960 0231 0266
Passcode: 193082


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