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Unicef Social Drink


It's time for another Social Drink!

The weekly drinks are always special, but in the words of George Orwell, the drinks on the
26 th of May will be a bit more special than the others. During the event, there will be a
charitable auction taking place at Apartt where you can bid for some awesome items
donated by EUR associations, including B&R Beurs and UNICEF merchandise and Turing
Phyton course tickets (for any IB enthusiast, these are a must). The auction is organized by
the UNICEF Student Team Rotterdam with the help of B&R Beurs and is a great opportunity
to meet and bid against members of many other associations of EUR, all while supporting a
charitable cause. The drinks will have a small mark-up (50 cents) which will be donated to the Unicef.

All of the funds will go to the Safe at Home, Far From Home Project. This project aims to
provide psychosocial support to the refugee children in Uganda as more than 827,000 of
them are in dire need of psychosocial support. If you want to read more about UNICEF
Student Team Rotterdam or its mission, please access the following links:
(UNICEF’s student team page)
- (UNICEF Student
Team Rotterdam’s LinkedIn page where you can also find more information regarding us
and our project).


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