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Guest Academy - STX Group

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On May 04, we have a lecture with the guest speaker Tim Grossheimann, consultant at STX Group.

He will be talking about trading & corporate sustainability strategies – how strategic assessment of corporate strategies helps to navigate through environmental commodity markets

Have you ever thought about what steers corporate demand for renewable energy, carbon reduction and compensation? What are the drivers of a booming environmental commodities industry? And how can those be utilized to optimize trading positions? As a main market maker in environmental commodities, STX interacts on a daily basis with producers, intermediaries and end users of renewable energy.

Following a basic introduction into renewable energy trading and OTC markets, we shine light on what steers renewable energy markets and how the analysis of corporate demand can support and improve trading decisions. We are looking forward to discuss with you what drives our markets and what opportunities might lie ahead.

The lecture will only last a short 45min, from 17:00 to 17:45, after which we will have networking drinks at Erasmus Pavillion.

About STX Group:

STX is a market maker in environmental commodities, providing market access to commodities and climate solutions, like renewable energy, biofuels, energy efficiency and carbon markets. We believe that environmental commodity markets with maximum integrity will contribute to the decarbonization of our global economy.

We have a dynamic, passionate, ambitious, driven-to-the-bone team culture, employing over 200 staff members of 30+ different nationalities, who support and encourage each other. Getting the best out of ourselves is one of our key drivers. A healthy and happy employee is the most valuable team member. After all, our people are our greatest assets.

Our culture encourages employees to pursue a healthy, balanced lifestyle outside of the office. Some extracurricular company activities include our Wednesday evening bootcamp workouts, joining the STX soccer team for games on Monday nights, or our colleagues on Friday drinks. We don’t do long nights or weekends in the office. At STX, leaving the office means leaving work at work.

We assist all of our new foreign employees who need to relocate to one of our offices (Amsterdam, New York, Hamburg, Singapore, Lyon, and Gothenburg). Best of all, your colleagues will certainly make you feel at home in no time!

Once a year, we embark on a weekend away – fully catered for by the company. Joined by our international teams, we head to a European city for a weekend of team building, presentations and, of course, a lot of fun. It’s a wonderful way to get to know your colleagues even better and to find time for relaxation together in a completely different setting.

For more information and opportunities to join the company, please check our careers website.



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