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About the Investment Symposium

On May 16, the most prestigious chapter of the Investment Week will be held, the Investment Symposium. Throughout the evening, a total of five industry professionals give their views on this year’s topic: Funding the Future. After sharing their thoughts, the floor is opened for the audience to ask questions. This way, the evening becomes an interactive session between attending industry professionals and excellent students. Afterwards, there will be the possibility to network with some drinks. If you have an interest in finance, you do not want to miss this opportunity to learn from the professionals!

Registration for the Investment Symposium is free of charge for all that want to attend.

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The theme: Funding the Future

Last year’s theme was Capitalizing on Change, where topics such as the relation between the economy and financial markets, various megatrends, Dutch pension funds and their investments and real estate within an investment portfolio were discussed.

After a year of all-time highs and predominantly tailwinds for financial markets, we are experiencing a different environment. A tight labor market, high inflation, central banks adjusting their monetary policy while the economies are growing above trend and companies still report decent earnings. What will all of this mean for financial markets? Is the market transitioning back to pre-pandemic or preparing for a new phase? Let’s not forget, the secular trends such as metaverse, big data, changing demographics as well as an increase in environment regulations, significantly higher energy prices, will this speed up the transition to a low carbon economy? All in all, 2022 will be an interesting year for financial markets where transition is a keyword. During the upcoming symposium, we have the opportunity to discuss the various topics that are driving the market today and in the future to ambitious students. The next generation of investors. Funding the Future.


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