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Da Vinci Derivatives: Battle Royale

Battle Royale

Will you bring glory to the name of B&R Beurs? Are you ready to show Da Vinci Derivatives that B&R Beurs is king? Then we would love to have you represent us in Da Vinci’s first ever Battle Royale! Other student associations will also be present, so this is your chance to be competitive.  

In this event, you will be able to challenge different Da Vinci employees in some of their expertise, which allows you the chance to speak to them and get an insight on their day-to-day life. Challenges includes activities such as market-making games and table tennis (we have heard that Da Vinci's regional champion is quite hard to beat!). 

Besides this, you will have the chance to train your numerical intuition with a few brainteasers. For example, during the evening, you will be given a three liter and a five liter container to fill with water. How would you exactly get four liters of water in all jugs? 

Note: The B&R Beurs board tried asking for beer instead of water, but they mentioned that the drinks would only come at the end of the day. Also, food will be included! :)

For the winners, we will have dinner on a later date, fully sponsored by Da Vinci Derivatives, as well as a special prize. 

Interested? Then sign up now (click here)! The event will take place in Da Vinci's office in the evening of the 23rd of June. 

Note that this event is under CV selection.  

About Da Vinci Derivatives

Our Story

Da Vinci is the brainchild of David, Vidit and Jiteshu. After a long career in trading, they decided to start on their own. Founded in 2015, Da Vinci is focused on trading derivatives on multiple exchanges across the globe. The company is based in Amsterdam as it has historically been a central place for trading, with the world’s first stock market established here in 1602 and the European Options Exchange in 1978. Also many electronic trading companies have their base in Amsterdam, which creates a perfect infrastructure and workforce availabilities. Next to that it is, while being affordable, a pleasant city to live in. This makes it the perfect place for Da Vinci to start and thrive.

Our Vision

We aim to create the best proprietary trading house in the world. We like to work with smart, talented and passionate people from all around the world. Our philosophy towards work is best captured by the saying:

“Be good, work hard and great things will happen”


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