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Introduction Weekend


! This ticket option is only for new members !

Get to know our Investment Groups and have the time of your life!

On the 30th of September we will leave the beautiful city of Rotterdam and go to Sint-Michielsgestel!

We will go to the Zonnewende by train on Friday the 30th in four different shifts.
You have to buy the train ticket yourself. We will depart from Rotterdam CS.

  • Shift 1 (16:22)
  • Shift 2 (17:22)
  • Shift 3 (18:52)
  • Shift 4 (20:52)

You can also choose to go to the venue by car.

Note: Shift 1 and 2 will get dinner at Zonnewende. Shift 3 and 4 have to get something to eat for themselves.

At the Introduction Weekend you can participate in many fun events such as the Beer Cantus, Game night, Movie night, Parties etc.

You will be accompanied by the chair and treasurer of our Investment Groups so you can get to know them even better and prepare for the Formation Period where you ultimately have to choose your three favourite Investment Groups.

You will be provided with a place to sleep, breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
In the confirmation e-mail you will receive the full list of things you have to bring with you on the Introduction Weekend.

Registrations open Friday the 9th of September at 09:00!


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