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Professional Academy: Da Vinci

Masterclass - Option Trading

In trading options at Da Vinci, we need to find a good balance between theory and practice, often with more focus on the latter. Most textbooks and university courses tend to cover a lot of theory and very little practice, if any at all. The goal of this Masterclass is to bridge the gap between your degree and the real option trading world by playing exciting trading games and connecting them to the concepts you are familiar with. Join us to expand your knowledge of trading and finance, compete with your fellow students and get an insight into how you can continue challenging your analytical mindset  and technical skills upon graduation.

About Da Vinci

Da Vinci is a proprietary trading house founded in 2015 and specialised in solving market inefficiencies, identifying opportunities based on volatility arbitrage strategies and providing liquidity to the markets. We are headquartered in the home of the world’s first stock market, Amsterdam, and we have just opened a second office in Mumbai. Today, we trade on the most prominent exchanges across South America, Asia and the US. Our vision is set on sustainable growth, with new offices opening in the US soon. 
We always keep our work smart and innovative and are building a team of trading enthusiasts. The key to our success is hiring not only intelligent but inventive, lazer-focused and highly efficient individuals. Across all departments; trading, quantitative research and development alike, Da Vinci is made up some of the sharpest minds and most passionate players in the industry. We are non-hierarchical and support employees in exploring their interests and strengths, placing no limit on personal growth.


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