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BBQ (for existing members only)

BBQ for existing members only!

On September 22nd we will host the first event for all members: a nice barbecue at APARTT.
It's been a very long time since we had our last drink here and we can not wait to get started again!


First and foremost we would like to say that we are still in a pandemic and that the safety of our members and the employees of APARTT are our number one priority.
Therefore we made a list of rules for the BBQ:

1. ALWAYS BE SEATED. Make sure everyone at your table is seated. Make sure only 1 person gets the drinks
2. COLD-LIKE SYMPTOMS? STAY HOME! No fee will be charged if you decide not to come because of health-related issues
3. FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS. Think about the safety of everyone, use your common sense.

The pandemic is also the reason why we can only accept registered members at the BBQ.
So if you needed an extra push to join the society, here you go!


Date: 22-09-2020
Time: 18:00 - 01:00
Price: 12.50
Location: Blaak 4, Rotterdam
Max. capacity: 90 


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