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Investment Conference

NOTE: The content of this page refers to the event held on 2020-2021

On the 11th of May from 14:00-16:30 CET the 4th edition of the Investment Conference will take place, hosted together with EFR. This year the theme for the conference is 'COVID-19: the opportunities that came with the cost'. The speakers that were invited will answer questions such as 'What opportunities were created by the Covid-19 crisis?', 'How can students find and use such opportunities in the future?' 'What is the influence of the COVID-19 crisis on the shift from non-sustainable to a sustainable, renewable economy?'.

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What does the conference look like?

Four speakers from different companies will all give a short presentation on their insights into the impact of the COVID-19 crisis and the audience will have the opportunity to ask questions afterwards. The conference is livestreamed from an external locations and the audience can attend the conference online. This year we proudly present the following speakers for the 4th edition of the Investment Conference:

Marco Frikkee (Partner Business Assurance and Sustainable Finance) - KPMG

Marco Frikkee will talk about the effects of COVID-19 and the European legislation effects on the transition towards sustainable finance, green investing and durable business operations and will give an answer to the question: Is COVID-19 accelerating the trend to green investing incentivized by the EU Action Plan ?

Leo Holwerda (Capital Director at Invest-NL) - Invest-NL

Leo Holwerda will talk about the goals of Invest-NL and how they have changed due to COVID-19. Moreover, he will focus his talk on investment climate post-covid and how to move forward about it. Furthermore, he will give an answer to the question: How the goals of the company changed due to COVID-19 and what is the current investment climate?

Dennis Vink (Professor of Finance and Investment) - Nyenrode Business Universiteit

Dennis Vink will in his presentation talk about how you select certain stocks in crisis times, like now with COVID-19. He will give an answer to the question: How do you select stocks using activist investor metrics? 

Lukas Daalder (Chief Investment Strategist for the Netherlands) - BlackRock Investment Institute

In his presentation, Lukas Daalder will talk about the unusual price evolution of the stock market it is now facing and will dive deeper into the underlying causes of it. Furthermore, he will give an answer to the question: Have stocks ignored the fundamentals or not in this crisis compared to previous crises?

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