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Athena Investment Fund


Founded in 2020 by university students from Rotterdam, Delft and Wageningen, the Athena Investment Fund has a strong educational focus, with regular seminars organized on the different facets of the equity markets. From traditional institutional investing to more alternative forms of investing such as swing and day trading, new members will gain exposure to the actual practices and benchmarks used in the investing industry. The goal in this group is to offer educational exchanges between experienced investors and traders and newer members looking to apply their knowledge in the real markets. The seminars will offer a solid and in depth foundation which will be applied in the investment meetings, allowing members to test different investing strategies and form a deep understanding of the equity markets. 

We believe that no matter the career you end up choosing, investing and trading remain key to building wealth and financial security which is why we have such a strong focus on education both theoretical and practical. This competition may last a year but the knowledge you aquire through it will last a lfietime. The knowledge base of the investment group which will be disseminated through seminars and meetings, is divided into three main parts: risk management, trading edge, and psychology. Risk management will go in depth on limiting losses and allowing for continued portfolio growth even in difficult market conditions. The trading edge refers to the different strategies and timeframes for investing and trading. The three main overarching strategies will be long term investing, swing trading, and day trading which will be further subdivided into more specific strategies. Finally, the last pillar is psychology which is an often overlooked part of investing in the financial markets, with subjects such as how to deal with losses and gains and avoiding traps like FOMO. 

This coming year, we will be offering new positions within the investment fund for ambitious and entrepreneurial individuals. Curiosity, commitment and collaboration are key characteristics we will be looking for.

“Per Aspera ad Astra”


Board 2022/2023

Chairman: Lucija Galic
Treasurer: Moric Kocsa-Pillmann

Board 2021/2022

Chairman: Victor Gunnink
Treasurer: Constantin van Houdenhoeven

Board 2020/2021

Chairman: Victor Gunnink
Treasurer: Constantin van Houdenhoeven