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New Rotterdam Investments

Hello! We are New Rotterdam Investments, or simply NRI.

We are NEW because opportunities lie in the future, not in the past. 

We are NEW because we were founded in 2020, during the height of The Great Lockdown.

Unable to find a good connection with the established B&R groups, we came together to create our own. During this unique moment in global history, we see opportunities TO MAKE MONEY as a team. Because we are all students from different national and educational backgrounds with wide-ranging degrees, we have unique complementary insights. We stand for our diversity as it is key and it helps us produce better insight.

Still have questions? Great! This is why we have created our personal FAQ below:

You all look so attractive in your pictures, how is this possible? Great question, which deserves an answer. Please DM the best-looking candidate to inform yourself about opportunities.

Your investment returns are tremendous. How have you achieved this?
Our investment strategy is based on a plethora of different methods including fundamental, technical, quantitative, and quantamental analyses. We have developed an efficient and flexible portfolio construction methodology that also happens to be very effective at translating sustainability-related preferences into our portfolio.

We are also looking at ways to incorporate infinite leverage in our strategies, alla Robinhood.


Instagram: @newrotterdaminvestments

Board 2020/2021

Chairman: Simeon Vasilev
Treasurer: Anna Siffermann