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Vaccines and concerns | Flow Traders Investment Competition | Week 20


Last week has once again been tumultuous. Despite the positive growth figures presented by the Fed the bond yields have continued to rise on inflation concerns. This hurted particularly popular tech stocks like Tesla that seem to have fallen into a temporary disgrace. Overall, the Nasdaq won 0.81% as the Dow Jones lost 0.89%. The oil markets have had to endure a correction over the uncertainty of the economic recovery. This has led to a 7.57% fall in the price of Brent crude oil. 


The pandemic has sent mixed messages to the market this week. The US and the UK are starting to feel the positive effects of vaccinations as they seem to achieve herd immunity. In contrast, the pandemic is worsening in Europe where a number of countries are entering their third wave of infections and subsequent lockdowns. The crisis is accentuated by an unconvincing European vaccination campaign that has only reached 12% of the population. To make things worse, the European states have decided to temporarily stop the administration of the AstraZeneca vaccine which has led to an additional delay. Overall, the AEX index has won 0.5% this week while the CAC 40 lost 1.07%.


Our investment competition has seen a change on top of the table as Conquistadores capital conquered the first place with an M2 of 21.48%. The next week’s battle for the first place will be interesting as Merx is only 0.5% behind. The biggest riser this week has been the Clear Water Group that won 11 spots on the ranking. Unfortunately, Hercules lost 6 spots in a week where there was overall not much movement in terms of ranking. 

The second investment competition has inaugurated a new leader: Aurelia. Aurelia has passed by Das Kapital and achieved an M2 of 5.18%. The bottom of the table did not see any movement this week.


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