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Vaccinations and Coinbase IPO | Flow Traders Investment Competition | Week 24


The accelerating vaccination programs and the falling infection rates have led the stock markets to record highs this week. All indexes followed a bullish trend as the Dow Jones gained 1.28%, the Nasdaq 2.34% and the S&P500 1.30%. In Europe, the same scheme is followed as the AEX for instance won 0.58% or the CAC 40 won 2.16%. 


Notable this week was the direct listing of crypto exchange platform Coinbase on the Nasdaq. It capitalizes on the recent bull run on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This listing is coming a few months after Tesla announced that it will accept cryptocurrency payments. Cryptocurrencies thus seem to be more and more on the forefront of the financial markets. As Bitcoin price tumbled at the end of the week, the Coinbase stock showed resilience to cryptocurrency fluctuations. This could fuel the rally even more. 


The recovery of the American economy does not seem to influence the inflationary fear of investors in the bond market as it stayed relatively stable this week. 


In our investment competition, the top three spots remained unchanged this week. Conquistadores Capital are still leading the competition with an M2 of 26.49%. The runner’s up are Merx that currently have an M2 of 21.18%. This week, Vico Investments are closing the table as Quants of Minerva passed them by.  They have M2s of respectively -11.17% and -11.85%. The biggest riser was Aevitas that gained a stunning twelve spots while Hercules lost seventeen. 

In the newcomer competition, no movement has been recorded. Das Kapital is still topping the competition while iValue investments is closing it. They respectively have M2s of 10.30% and -12.97%


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