Investing in Russia

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  • The main Russian Equity Index reached by January 2017 an all-time high and we’ve also been witnessing a large increase on the investment in Russian Equities
  • What changed for Russia concerning the reliance on natural resources, the importance of the defence industry, political risk and weak governance and law legislation?
  • Exchange-Traded Fund’s and Depositary Receipts are options for the common investor to benefit from this rising tide

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Certainly uncertain

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Who would have thought that, after a stalemate of more than a month, uncertainty would return to the investment competition? After Oakmont voluntarily gave up its top position, the new number one Omega Investments is already nervously looking downwards to the advancing Caerus Capital and Midas Investments. For more uncertainty, there is no need to look further than the key word of the week: elections.

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Moving averages: moving out the “noise” from the markets

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  • Discovered way back in 1901, it took over 67 years for somebody to apply statistical tools to stock analysis.
  • It was worth the wait for moving average strategies in the market, but in the recent years, the rise of technology has greatly affected their efficiency.

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The Board Experience: Daan Zonneveld

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Could you introduce yourself shortly?
I am Daan Zonneveld and this academic year I was the Commissioner of Activities and Marketing. Previously I was part of the Introduction Period Committee and the Activities Committee. I am also part of Phoenix Investment Group, where I was the chairman last academic year. I completed my bachelor in Economics and Business Economics and am planning to start my master Financial Economics next year at the Erasmus School of Economics.

What are your most important tasks as Commissioner of Activities and Marketing
One of my primary tasks is organizing activities for our members. This entails everything from the drinks to the introduction weekend, the study trip, and all social activities. Another primary task, as Commissioner of Marketing is to make sure that our members are informed about the various activities B&R Beurs has to offer and making sure that our members are motivated to take part in our activities.

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