BUX warm-up competition

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Do you want to get a head start with investing this year? You can already practice your investing skills by joining the BUX warm-up competition. Besides having some useful practice you can also win bucks with BUX. From the 30th of September till the 25th of October you can participate in the BUX warm-up competition and win the grand prize of €250 euro’s or one of the other great prizes. A fun way to start the year and a great opportunity for new inexperienced members to get a feeling for trading, but also for the experienced members to show their skills. Participating is free because the competition is played with the virtual currency ‘fun BUX’.

To join the BUX competition, first download the BUX app and create a BUX account. After you have done this fill out the form below to enter the competition.

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Start of the year!

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As the new academic year is about to start, so is the B&R Beurs introduction period. As the largest student investment society in Europe, it is our mission to get students who are interested in investing together. With social events, academies and career preparation and opportunities B&R Beurs has possibilities for everyone. From our fitting party at Oger to our various in-house days to our study trip, B&R Beurs has near limitless possibilities. To check out more information about B&R Beurs go to our Introduction website, or, if you
want to subscribe, click here!

During the start of the academic year we will host various introduction events to familiarize yourself with what B&R Beurs is, and what it can do for you. Every Thursday we will host an academy to teach potential members the basics of investing and about B&R Beurs. The last academy of the introduction period will be hosted by Nidera, one of the biggest commodity providers. This will show potential members about the professional side of B&R Beurs. The drinks, on the other hand, will show our potential members the social side and already familiarize them with the various investment groups at hand. To learn more about investment groups click here or to read what a year at B&R is about, click here.