The Board Experience: President Vidar van Essen

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Could you introduce yourself shortly?
My name is Vidar van Essen and I am the President of the 33th board of B&R Beurs. Several years ago I landed in Rotterdam to study business administration and after two years, B&R captured my heart. Even though it is my fourth year at the society, I never doubted that I wanted to do a board year. I even managed to become the President, a fact that makes me incredibly proud.

What are your most important tasks as President?
As President your responsibility is twofold. First of all you need to lead the society. Leading entails that you make long term plans, investigate new ideas and you represent the society in the broadest way possible. Both internal as well as external, you are the representative and therefore need to behave as such. Secondly you need to manage the society. Managing means that you should create a pleasant working environment for everyone to work in, make everything run as smooth as possible and to always keep the bigger picture in mind.
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Investing in the ASEAN

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  • The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) established recently an Economic Community with the possibility to accelerate the already promising growth of these countries
  • The main opportunities in ASEAN are the growing middle class and young population, a strong consumption, and the economic integration with other regions; the main risks are the slowdown in China’s economy and the US monetary normalization
  • Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) and American depository receipts (ADRs) are the most common ASEAN investment instruments for the common investor

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AEX rallies as US indices fall

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While global stocks went through a small correction last week, the returns of our investment groups were quite flat on average. The top 3 of the competition again didn’t change, with Oakmont still leading the competition. TMT Investments and HR^2 Captial are still at the bottom of the ranking, as they have not yet updated the tax status of their investment group at DeGiro. Read more