Again 450…

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After a few ups and downs, the AEX ended the week where it started: at 450. This is the 42nd time this year that the AEX touches the 450-mark! It is clearly a good example of a sideways market; a market in which a trading instrument has been experiencing neither an uptrend nor a downtrend. During a sideways market makes it’s very hard for traders to make some money, but actually quite some people did a very good job this week. Let’s have a look at the top 5!bux-logo

JoostvanEsch97 again had an incredibly profitable week. By making more than 30% this week he is now at the top with a return of 59%. Most of his profits came from some nice timing with both going long and short in the AEX, the DAX and the S&P 500. Furthermore Shiyar comes out of nowhere and is now up almost 50%, followed by JCSF with 42%. Looking at the bottom 5, we see that Quint’s technical analysis is still not paying off yet (-45%), luckily he is in good company with fellow IPC-committee member Ahmed1402. The most unfortunate guy of this week was MoneyWolf69, who lost more than half of his money. Siebe97 completes the ranking at 93rd place with -53%.

Unilever presented some decent quarterly earnings figures on Friday. Unfortunately the results of the world’s third-largest consumer goods company were below the market’s expectations, making the stock price decrease with 3%. Are you considering applying at Unilever? Make sure to invest in a good camera, some optimal lighting and a makeup artist. Unilever made the news again this weekend after announcing that from now on they will only recruit people by video interviews and online games.

The Bux Competition ends after the market close on Tuesday the 25th of October, so that means you have only seven trading days left. Make sure to show B&R that you are the best trader and you will get rewarded with €250, personally handed over by BUX!

Happy Trading!

Top 5:

  1. JOOSTVANESCH97 (+59.01%)
  2. SHIYAR (+49.41%)
  3. JCSF (+42.18%)
  4. BATAVIA (+40.93%)
  5. DAANKOENR (+40.90%)

Bottom 5:

  1. AMIRKALLOE (-40.35%)
  2. AHMED1402 (-40.67%)
  3. QUINT (-45.52%)
  4. MONEYWOLF69 (-48.37%)
  5. SIEBE97 (-53.34%)

Written by Robert Kaptein

First week of the BUX warm-up competition: ouch!

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The BUX warm-up competition has officially started and here are the first results! Looking at the ranking you can see that it was quite a tough start for most of you. Only a third of the traders was able to make a profit. Siebe97 already lost half of his money and also TheNewWolfofBux should be considering changing his name. And what about experienced IPC-Committee members like Ahmed and the Quint? Well, the heavy Introduction Weekend clearly had its impact on their trading returns; you will have to scroll all the way down in the ranking to find them.

Luckily there were also some winners. JoostvanEsch95 had by far the best week of all 93 traders, winning more than 26%. JCSF and MoneyWolf69 also had a great week with both winning more than 15%, with the latter of the two having made 175 trades in total this week. MoneyWolf69 is not the only one who doesn’t like the ‘Buy and Hold’ strategy, because all 93 traders combined made already 1637 trades during only four days!

The AEX, the biggest stock market index of the Netherlands, started the week with a nice gain after fading concerns about the financial sector and in particular Deutsche Bank. The-Captain benefited from this and started the competition as the number one, but unfortunately the profit of the AEX was gone at the end of the week (-0.5%) and so was his top 5 listing. The biggest surprise of the week was of course Delta Lloyd, which won 30% this Wednesday after it received an offer from sector rival NN Group. Delta Lloyd refused the offer, so who knows what will happen next?

Many of you had a position in gold this week. A short position -an investment strategy which makes it possible to profit from a price decrease by borrowing and selling the asset- was clearly one of the most profitable investments last week, since the gold price decreased more than 5%, which is the biggest price drop in a year. This was caused by the potentially upcoming interest rate hike by the Fed, the central bank of the United States, making gold a less attractive investment.

Next week will again bring quite some action since earnings season’s unofficial kick-off will be on Monday, so make sure you will be ready! But in the meantime, for those who need it: here is Investopedia’s ‘Tips for Avoiding Excessive Trading’. 😉

Good luck!

Top 5:

  1. JOOSTVANESCH97 (+26.34%)
  2. JCSF (+16.82%)
  3. MONEYWOLF69 (+15.13%)
  4. JORISJDV (+14.98%)
  5. JEFF1304 (+14.39%)

Bottom 5:

  1. TIMDEKKER10 (-31.49%)
  2. AHMED1402 (-38.94%)
  3. QUINT (-38.96%)
  4. THENEWWOLFOFBUX (-47.08%)
  5. SIEBE97 (-50.43%)

Written by Robert Kaptein