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Commissioner of Education & Career

Commissioner of Education & Career

What a year it has been! Luckily, I’ve been able to see some of you during the career and education events. 
As the Education & Career Officer, your mission is to help B&R Beurs’ members develop their skills and passion in Finance & Investing. This means being in charge of all the educational and career activities, and of course also the most important B&R event: the Investment Competition. This is a very diverse job, as you get to know all aspects of the association. 

What’s really important to know is that your role has the opportunity to create a long-lasting impact on the association for many years. Whether it is the creation of the Investment Guide, the changing of the Investment Competition or the start of a long partnership with a finance party that you have your eyes on – you can create a legacy from which future members will benefit years after you’ve left and shape the B&R of tomorrow.

Do you think you can fulfil the role and are you looking for a challenge? Then join the board interest drinks or have a coffee with me!

Kind regards,

Marc Vlek | M +31 [06] 40257362