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As President of the association, your main responsibilities are to guide the board, maintaining relations with associations, further develop the association to improve the experience of all B&R Beurs members, and bearing end responsibility for the entire association.

The beginning of the year is always quite a busy period full of getting up to speed, meeting with all kinds of stakeholders and starting with doing the base work upon which you can build your year. For the complete knowledge transfer, it is important to have numerous meetings varying from the contact and events with other associations and stakeholders, go over the internal and external framework of B&R Beurs and discuss the strategic positioning of B&R Beurs within the broader landscape. Besides, it is important to have knowledge regarding every other position and the additional responsibilities, in order to stay up to date at all times.

Another important task of yours is to enhance the experience for B&R members and ensure that the association can thrive long term. In order to reach this goal, we will be rehauling our strategic plan in order to ensure a strong and sustainable long term growth for the association. Both setting up and guarding the long term strategy is part of the presidents’ task, and should be done with great care. 

Another important part of being President of B&R Beurs is to guide your board, oversee your committee(s) and manage stakeholders. Guiding your board does not only mean chairing meetings or organising some board activities; it means leading by example, oftenly checking in with your fellow board members and sometimes taking (not so fun) decisions. 

All in all it already sounds like a huge challenge, but there is even more I would love to share! If you are interested in the position as President of the 41st board of B&R Beurs or a board year in general, don’t hesitate to send me a text or mail to grab a coffee or a beer!

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Luc Boender  | M +31 [06] 37466883