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As Secretary, your main responsibilities are being the first contact for members, maintaining relations with the different investment groups and overseeing the administration of the society.

You are the backbone of the society which entails diverse tasks during the year. During the introduction period you will experience the most registrations of new members. Next to that, you will help the members find an investment group to join or help with setting up a new investment group! This will probably be the busiest period of the board year in this position.

 During the entire year you keep contact with the members and chairmen with different communication channels like mailings and apps. Further, you are often the first contact for any issues regarding the well-being of the members. This often results in working together with other board members to resolve these issues. They will also often ask for help about data or sharing info with the members where you can assist them. In that way you will be in the centre and have a clear view of the whole society.

Besides this , as a board member you will oversee different committees and be the face of the society. Want to know more about my experiences? Send me a mail/app and let’s have a drink!

Kind regards,

Isabel Buch | M +31 [06] 40402980