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As Treasurer your prime responsibility lies in making financial decisions and carefully administrating all payments. This you do throughout the year but not always with the same workload. At the start of the year, It is substantially busier. You need to make budgets that are in line with what is closing in your master budget. You need to make a clear picture of where you want to allocate the money. Say you want to spend more money on education, you need to take some money from, for instance, activities and you need to justify these decisions. 

The other prime task is accounting; every day everyone has all types of payments that they do every day and you need to carefully keep track of these payments in Exact.
You need to take money as well as spending it. The most money comes from the members and the partners. You need to make a clear administration of what money of which member comes in at what time to make sure you do not have people dissatisfied. 

Supervising committees is a fun part of your responsibilities as well. I have been responsible for two committees this year; WIBD, PEC, City Trip and ski trip. All are equally fun to be a supervisor for but everyone has their favourite and you will discover this for yourself as well. 

I have plenty more to tell you about my function but I was told to keep it in this word count so please contact me if you have any questions or merely want to know more about my function.

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