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Introduction Period Committee

Introduction Period Committee


The Introduction Period Committee (IPC) is responsible for the Introduction Period and the Introduction Weekend. Many hours of work are put into showing new students what B&R Beurs is all about and how it can provide a great experience for all financially interested students. However, their hardest task by far is organizing and overseeing the Introduction Weekend. The committee takes about 4-6 hours a week and is active during the summer and first two months of the academic year.

Period: June 2024 – Mid October 2024

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  • Famke Kuiper

  • Daan Redegeld

  • Job van Druten

  • Rick Almeloo

  • Sem Verbrugghe

  • Stephan Krul

  • Koen Berk

  • Jasmijn Potters

  • Sem Burger


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