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The Activities Committee organizes the social activities during the year. This entails, but is not limited to, beer tasting, wine tasting, movie night, Christmas dinner, Social/Themed drinks, Euronext trip and the Liga Investimento. Their challenge is keeping all the activities fresh, fun and accessible. In this committee you can develop your social and organizing skills and you will learn how to take good photo's during our social events. Members of the Activities Committee will have access to all the activities that they organize. The workload differs from 4 to 6 hours a week. 

You can apply for the position of chairman or as a regular member of the committee. You don't need to give your preference in advance but we will ask about it in the interview.

Period: Late November 2021 onward

Do you have any questions? Contact:


  • Emkje van Zuijlekom

  • Ferdinand van der Staak

  • Maarten Smeets

  • Onno Schreurs

  • Steverink, Marlene

  • Eliza Triepels


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