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We have two holy books in our society. One is the investment guide, the other is the Almanac. When entering this committee you will be, together with your fellow committee members, responsible for writing and designing this yearly bible of our society. We will all do the work but there are also specific roles in the committee.

Content writer: it's in the name; you will be responsible for writing the content in the coming masterpiece.

Designer: You read with your eyes so the book should look amazing. This, together with another designer will be your chief job.

External: You will be writing some articles, but you are mainly responsible for maintaining contact with the investment groups and parties outside the committee to help them and us achieve deadlines.


Do you want to be part of the most invigorating, editorially challenging and artfully pleasing committee? Then sign up! The committee takes about 2-3 hours a week with the culmination being a bit busier.

Period: Late November 2022 onwards

P.S.: I would advise to already envision which part you want to play in the committee and prepare for that in the interview.

Do you have any questions? Come to one of the committee interest drinks or send an email to


  • Job van Druten

  • Milou Brouwers

  • Kim Witvliet

  • Irina Van Paassen

  • Bruce Hooikaas


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