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Workload: 1-5 hours per week on average

Recruitment period: June & October

Period: Through the whole year

Committee composition: 6 Committee members


Would you like to help B&R Beurs members to boost their career and provide them with an internship or job? Then the Career Committee is definitely up your ally. With the correct people skills, you will develop long lasting networks and develop yourself to become a professional. Here you will get the opportunity to support our members in their careers and develop yourself to become the next high potential recruit.


The committee is set up around three pillars, through which we help B&R Beurs members improve their career prospects:

  1. Recruitment Database: Through the recruitment database, members interested in a career in Finance can book meetings with experienced members of B&R Beurs to get advice on their career path or application process. As a member of the career committee, you will have conversations with students to help them figure out which path in Finance is the most suitable, as well as which internships/work positions they could apply for. 

  2. Mentorship Programme: Through the mentorship programme, we want to connect our extensive alumni network with our members with the purpose of helping current members leverage the knowledge and insights from working professionals. As a member of the Career Committee, you would be in charge of contacting successful B&R Beurs alumni and matching current members to their mentors.

  3. Career Days: The first big cycle of the year, the B&R Beurs Career Days, is organised by the career committee. The cycle where we host workshops from as many sectors as possible to help students orientate on their interests and possible career paths.  

  4. Workshops and Application Guides: As the career committee, we hold multiple trainings throughout the year to improve the skills of our members in regards of their career. This will be a CV Workshop. Moreover, we want to write in-depth articles on how to improve your Career prospects during the interview process. Preparing these workshops and articles will give you an inside look on the world of recruiting, which you will be able to leverage for your own career. 


  • The ability to get a thorough look into the recruitment process, which will allow you to get inside knowledge on how to be the perfect candidate. 
  • Free access to premium online resources to improve your interviewing abilities, such as, JobTestPrep, AssessmentDay and more!
  • Exposure to our successful alumni network. In this committee, you will get to hear the stories of alumni that can provide you some valuable personal advice for your career. 
  • The ability to help B&R Beurs members in a meaningful way. In previous years, we have been able to successfully place students in starter positions, in which they have been able to get a kickstart in their Finance career. 
  • Mentoring from more experienced members to help you improve your career skills. 
  • Being part of the career committee will require a lot of talking, listening and convincing. This is a perfect way to improve your communication skills.


Do you have any questions? Come to one of the committee interest drinks or send an email to


  • Jochem Van Dijck

  • Camiel Welters

  • Ivan De Bode

  • Marc Vlek

  • Jelle Sanders

  • Alexander Konditerovs

  • Veaceslav Hamițchi


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