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Social Media & Design

Social Media & Design


The Social Media & Design Committee supports the other committees of B&R Beurs by designing the content that the other committees need. An example of this is the design made for the Investment Week & Symposium. Besides this supporting role, the Social Media & Design Committee is also responsible for the B&R Magazine published two times a year. In order to design these materials, each committee member follows courses on Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop. You will not only make the designs but you will also be responsible for creating a social media strategy that benefits the society. This way, the Social Media & Design Committee ensures that the promotional materials of the society looks good and professional and are communicated in the best way possible. The committee takes about 4 hours a week.

You can apply for the position of chairman or as a regular member of the committee. You don't need to give your preference in advance but we will ask about it in the interview.

Period: Late November 2021 onward

Do you have any questions? Contact:


  • Elisa Weehuizen

  • Fréderique Otten

  • Ikamba Blyer

  • Maurits de Fluiter Balledux

  • Ruth van den Berg

  • Sarah Leebeek


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