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Have you ever read The Economist or the Financial Times and thought; “I would like to write such an article”, I have the committee for you. The editorial committee is the crème of the crop when it comes to our society.

We will be responsible to keep the society updated on the world of finance. We will be Moses guiding the society through the desert of fake news with the culmination of the weekly update on our site.

We will also be responsible for the alumni interviews. The content speaks for itself. This is a relatively new part of our articles portfolio but garners a lot of interest in the society.

The third part of our responsibility’s is writing articles for the magazine’s. this is a smaller part and will mostly be for the IW&S symposium magazine.

The fourth and perhaps the most interesting part of the committee is the collection of in-depth articles we will be writing; we will be discussing several different topics for articles and be working through these. We will get help from CAIA in getting these articles to where they need to be. If you write an article that is outstanding there is a possibility that your article will be posted on the CAIA blog which is one of the premium places for finance news and insights.

The committee takes about 4 hours a week.

Period: Late November 2021 onward

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