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Lustrum Committee

Lustrum Committee


Next year it will be the 40th anniversary of B&R Beurs, time to celebrate! To make the lustrum year a great success, this committee will start during the upcoming year. It will be responsible for organizing the first lustrum events and it will think about the theme and other aspects of a lustrum year. Do you have experience with organizing events and do you have the qualities to make the B&R Beurs Lustrum year a great success? Then apply for the special Lustrum Committee!

The committee takes about 2 hours a week.

Period: Late November 2022 - June 2024

Do you have any questions? Come to one of the committee interest drinks or send an email to


  • Ferdinand van der Staak

  • Julius Spijker

  • Milou Brouwers

  • Ewout Schulpen

  • Bruce Hooikaas


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