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"B&R Beurs values and appreciates its alumni."

B&R Beurs started with the yearly alumni events in the academic year 2012-2013, this resulted in the first Alumni Drink of B&R Beurs on the 7th of June 2013. Since the growth of our society, our alumni network has grown as well. Resulting in the expansion of the alumni events. These events are the perfect way to stay close to the society and keep in touch with your (old) friends.
Nowadays B&R Beurs has all kinds of alumni events, such as Former Board Dinners, Golf events, (International) Alumni Drinks and so on. Each year enthusiastic former members gather around and share their experiences and talk about the good old days.
London Alumni Drink
During the annual LSE AIC study trip, where 20 high potential members visit London, B&R Beurs hosts a drink for the alumni who are in London. Most of the time this will take place in the Dutch bar De Hems in the city centre. If you want to attend the drink on the 12th of February, 2022, fill out this form.
Padel Tournament Victoria
On the 9th of April, we will organize a padel tournament for alumni as well as members. The tournament will take place on Saturday, April 9th from 15:00 till 17:00 at Padel Club Rotterdam Victoria. Afterwards we can enjoy some drinks at the sports canteen. To register for this event, please fill out this Google Form. If you register with a padel partner, please make sure that both partners fill out the Google Form. If you do not have a partner, we will pair you with someone with approximately the same playing level.
Amsterdam Zuidas Alumni Drink
On the 25th of March, B&R Beurs will have the first Amsterdam Alumni drink at Grand Cafe Dickys at the Zuidas. This is a great opportunitiy for both alumni and members to meet or to catch up! Alumni and members who work within the finance industry from all over the Netherlands will join the event, zo be sure to join us at 19:00 at Gustav Mahlerlaan 110, 1082 MA, Amsterdam, where the welcome drinks will be waiting for you!
Former Board Dinner
It has become a tradition to thank our historical boards in an informal fashion. Yearly we gather around for a festive meal and share B&R stories. We start with the opening by our president, where (s)he presents the current state of affairs. The more senior alumni are often impressed by the massive growth the association has gone through. Most of them knew B&R Beurs has grown since the reorganization, but they still are stunned by the magnitude of the number of members and active investment groups.
Next up is a short drink with some small talk and once the tables are set, the dinner can start. After several courses and some lingering, the evening normally evolves in a social drink.
All in all it always is a fantastic evening!
Alumni Drink
On the 10th of June, we will host the annual alumni drink in Rotterdam! During this drink, alumni from all over The Netherlands gather at Apartt in order to catch up. Although a lot of alumni hadn't seen each other in years, the drinks, talks and atmosphere never changed!
Golf Workshop
Although COVID had an influence on a lot of alumni events, it was possible to host the Golf Workshop. It was interesting to see that on the course there were gradations of players with some hitting the green on their first shot and some ‘players’ zigzagging to the hole in a fashion reminiscent of ski-slaloming. Afterwards. the drinks flowed richly and bets were laid. All and all it was a superb day and sure to be repeated next year.