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"B&R Beurs values and appreciates its alumni."

B&R Beurs started with the yearly alumni events in the academic year 2012-2013, this resulted in the first Alumni Drink of B&R Beurs on the 7th of June 2013. Since the growth of our society, our alumni network has grown as well. Resulting in the expansion of the alumni events. These events are the perfect way to stay close to the society and keep in touch with your (old) friends.
Nowadays B&R Beurs has two different types of alumni events, the bi-yearly Former Board Dinner and the bi-yearly Alumni Drink. Each year enthusiastic former members gather around and share their experiences and talk about the good old days.
London Alumni Drink
During the annual LSE AIC study trip, where 15 high potential members visit London. B&R Beurs hosts a drink for the alumni who are in London. This year the alumni drink will take place on february 2021.
Former Board Dinner
It has become a tradition to thank our historical boards in an informal fashion. Bi-yearly we gather around for a festive meal and share B&R stories. We start with the opening by our president, where (s)he presented the current state of affairs. The more senior alumni are often impressed. Most of them knew B&R Beurs has grown since the reorganization, but they still are stunned by the magnitude of the number of members and active investment groups.
Next up is a short drink with some small talk and once the tables were set accordingly the dinner could start. After several courses and some lingering, the evening normally evolves in a social drink.
All in all it always is a fantastic evening!
Alumni Drink
On a to be determined moment, we will host the annual alumni drink in Rotterdam!