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About AFS Group

Welcome to AFS

How we create value

AFS Group is an independent European multi-asset class broker, primarily operating as an intermediary for Financial Institutions, Corporate Clients and (semi) Government bodies.

Thanks to our in-depth market knowledge, and strong historical relationships we can offer our clients added value through best price discovery, time saving execution and qualified advisory. Services are provided on a wide range of Financial Instruments such as: Capital Markets, Energy, Equity Derivatives, Foreign Exchange, Interest Rates, Structured and Exotic products.

European network with global reach

From offices in Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London and Zürich, AFS Group is servicing a large and growing diversified international client base with more than 1000 active counterparties. Clients include: Asset Managers, (Private) Banks, Corporates, Family Offices, (Hedge) Funds, (semi) Government Bodies, (re) Insurers, Market-Makers, Pension Funds and Utilities.

High Touch

Our experienced and qualified staff provides tailor made solutions for all possible Cash, Hedge, Yield, Environmental, and Risk management issues. In addition to this AFS is specialised in providing advice on arbitrage of price advantages. AFS offers a variety of market information services, news research and aggregated data services. AFS provides alternative Debt Capital Market solutions such as Project Finance and Private Placements. AFS can deliver Direct Market Access (DMA) for multiple assets.


AFS has a long history with its predecessors dating back over 160 years. In 2000 several financial entities merged to form AFS Group. AFS strengthened its position as a European player over the last few years. In December 2012 AFS took over the Equity Derivatives Broker IWB B.V. In 2013 AFS took over the Energy broker Neutralco.

AFS Group’s divisions hold all necessary licenses and are regulated by the Dutch Financial Markets Authority (AFM), the Dutch Central Bank (DNB), the FINMA in Switzerland, the FCA in the UK and the BAFIN in Germany. AFS is a member of Euronext, Eurex, OMX and the ICMA. AFS is registered with the Dutch Securities Institute (DSI)

Working at AFS means working with talent and passion

Whether you are looking for the perfect place to start your working life, you are interested to make a switch or you want to seriously accelerate your career, AFS is the right place.

We are always in search to recruit new talent. Do you have experience or do you want to learn about Renewable Energy, Derivatives, Fixed Income or Interest Rates products? Are you highly interested in the Renewable, Financial and/or Capital Markets and you like to support and advice clients with your knowledge? Check out our job opportunities we’ve got to offer! 

“With hard work, ambition and effort, you can achieve anything. We help you to be successful”