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Alternatives 4 Children

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About Alternatives 4 Children

About Alternatives 4 Children


Location: Amsterdam 

Number of volunteers: 4-10

Position: Project Manager Internship – in charge of project impact monitoring –




Alternatives 4 Children (A4C) is an independent charitable foundation

established in 2011 in the Netherlands with the aim to involve professionals

from the (Alternative) Financial industry. Originally founded by professionals

from the Dutch Alternatives Industry, we are now open to all countries and

people from the financial industry. We are currently in the process of opening a

London Chapter. We are raising funds through events, conferences and partners.


Goal & Vision

A4C will support sustainable projects and raise money for charities involved in

improving the living standards of children. The foundation is a private initiative

of a number of professionals from the investment industry.



Our mission is to improve and develop children’s wellbeing with a focus on

developing countries and the Netherlands to providing long lasting alternatives

to children in need with a focus on education.


  • Raise funds from the financial industry with a focus on the alternative investment network; and
  • Carefully select projects involved with children In order to
  • Help children get access to (a better) education; and
  • Ultimately help populations become self-sustainable.


About the position

You will be in charge of monitoring one or more projects. It includes impact monitoring, budget review and regular contact to keep track of how the projects are performing.

You will report to the person in charge of the projects and have one meeting per month with her to ensure you have received the necessary information / are performing the adequate reviews.

Depending on your personal goals and motivation, you may be involved in other activities, from financial reporting to event organisation, both a great way for you to learn and network!


Why become a volunteer?

We offer a unique occasion to:

  • become more familiar with (concrete) project review and impact monitoring
  • network with senior people from the industry 
  • give back and become an advocate for changes within the financial industry