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About Carlsquare

We are the preferred partner for entrepreneurs and firms who want to take the next step in their corporate development.

Carlsquare is a partner-led investment bank that supports companies and their shareholders to implement their strategic goals. We advise owner-managed and market leading enterprises, fast-growing start-ups with innovative technologies and business models, alongside venture capital and private equity investors, family offices and corporations.

We understand the challenges faced by high-growth companies, as well as the dynamics and transformation processes in their innovative industries. At Carlsquare, we believe three key components make for a successful transaction – the right timing, the right partner, and the right deal structure. We build long-term relationships with firms at different stages of their development, often years before a transaction, throughout the process, and beyond. With our exceptional expertise in M&A, growth equity and IPOs/equity capital markets, we have the industry intuition and an unrivalled track record of finding the right option for our clients.

With 20 years’ experience providing independent corporate finance advice, we have developed the best skills, tools and technologies to make the process efficient, effective and secure.  We are also proud of our commitment to providing outstanding client service.

At Carlsquare, the success factor remains the human factor: as an entrepreneur with the right creative ideas, we use our extensive international contact network, combined with our rigorous tenacity, and the right amount of empathy to bring together our client with the perfect partner.

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