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Danum Advisors

About Danum Advisors



Founded in 2015, Danum Advisors is based in Amsterdam. Our mission is to contribute to the system transformation towards a biodiversity-positive world.

Our name is inspired by the Danum Valley rainforest in Borneo — a nature reserve and one of the most complex natural ecosystems in the world. It was here that we observed a natural phenomenon which became the foundation of our approach. We noted how hornbills are often among the first to spot a fig tree bearing fruit, signaling a cascade of interactions that draw in over 200 species. Just as these early signs in nature indicate shifts attracting myriad species, we concentrate on signaling transformative changes. We refer to this approach as identifying transformative structural changes within corporate ecosystems.


Moving forward, our commitment towards a planet full of thriving ecosystems deepens. As of April 2023, we pledge to focus our research on companies that can play a role in the system transformation to a biodiversity positive world. Companies that hold the promise to halt or even reverse the loss of our planet's rich biodiversity will be at the forefront of our interests. As we recognize the profound importance of biodiversity and its role in an ecologically balanced future, we are dedicated to focus on biodiversity across all our activities.