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About Interfood B.V.

Together for better

We are proud to have been an essential part of the dairy industry for over 50 years. In close collaboration with our business partners and our global teams, we are striving for better, every single day.

Interfood at a glance

We are a global provider of solutions and dairy ingredients for food and beverage industrial markets. Find out more…


  • Founded in the Netherlands in 1970.
  • Boasts over 50 years of experience in the dairy industry.

Global Presence:

  • Maintains 14 global offices.
  • Focuses on supporting customers and suppliers in their local markets.


  • Distributes over 1,100,000 metric tons of dairy products annually.
  • Handles approximately 50,000 shipments each year.


  • Reports €3.6 billion in sales.
  • Holds €202.7 million in equity.


  • Employs over 306 full-time equivalent (FTE) employees worldwide.
  • Gender distribution: 48% male, 52% female.

Customer Base:

  • Serves over 3,000 customers and suppliers globally.
  • Engages with partners in over 100 countries.

Our purpose

Our team of over 350 professionals in 14 global offices is thriving thanks to close collaboration and long-term ties with our business partners. Whether for our customers or suppliers, our goal has always been clear: to deliver better products, better services and informed insights about the industry.

But our goals go further – beyond our core offerings and business aspiration. We are committed to contributing to a sustainable planet where we can all enjoy food responsibly, today and into the future.

Above all, we strive to live up to our purpose:

Together for better

Our values

What guides us


We work together as one team towards one goal, that’s why we help each other to be successful.


We take ownership for long-term success, that’s why we treat the business as if it were our own.

Continuous improvement

We challenge norms to drive progress, that’s why we embrace new ideas and fresh perspectives.


We act with competence, that’s why we invest in our personal development.

Responsible leadership

We lead for the future, that’s why we deliver 

Our strategic compass


Our vision is of a successful and sustainable industry which allows the world to enjoy food responsibly – now and in the future. Through close collaborations we inspire our stakeholders with our vision, enriching the lives of many with dairy.


Our mission is to drive progress for our business, partners and the global dairy industry. By continuously innovating our products and services, while investing in our people, we play a key role as the strategic go-to partner for both customers and suppliers.