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Van Lanschot Kempen

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About Van Lanschot Kempen

Van Lanschot Kempen is specialized in the future since 1737, which set us to be the oldest independent
financial institute in the Netherlands. Today, our story continues. As an independent wealth
management house, we use our knowledge of money and capital markets to never stop looking for new
ways to find the best possible solutions for our private, institutional and corporate clients. Change is
what drives us. That is why we are constantly in motion and embrace change as the major constant in
everything we do. We are proud of our history and are excited for the future of our Private Banking &
Wealth Management, Professional Solutions, Investment Management and Investment Banking.

To work in a sustainable and future-oriented way, inclusion and diversity are essential. A highly inclusive
and diverse workforce helps to drive business performance and innovation, workforce agility and
resilience, as well as positive social and environmental impact. It is our ambition for the inflow of each
department to be more diverse than the outflow. For example, if an employee leaves or
more headcount becomes available, we aim to increase diversity by hiring someone who brings
something new to the team. Whether that’s gender, age, nationality, background or anything else. 

In addition, our purpose is to create sustainable value for all our stakeholders in a way that contributes
to sustainable solutions to the most pressing global challenges. We believe that preserving and growing
wealth in a sustainable way is a peoples job. To help us achieve our goal, we are looking for candidates
with excellent analytical skills, as well as a proactive attitude. We always require our analysts to confront
challenges, and interns are no exceptions. Are you independent and resourceful? If you feel that you are
a good match, apply to any of our internships: