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About Vitol

We are determined to remain at the forefront of the world’s energy markets, and to be an active participant in the energy transition.

Vitol is a global energy and commodities company

We trade and distribute energy safely and responsibly around the world using our logistical expertise and infrastructure network.


Meeting the world’s critical and emerging energy needs, today and tomorrow.

Using our expertise and logistical capabilities to create and distribute energy solutions around the world, efficiently and responsibly.

Solving the energy challenges of the world today and investing in energy solutions for the future

Energy underpins the global economy. We work to meet the world’s energy needs today, and in the future. We focus on solutions through working with partners and customers.


A long history of working in partnership with our global network of energy, industrial, governmental and other customers. We work collaboratively, deploying our expertise, infrastructure and balance sheet to build solutions.


With a strong, conservatively managed balance sheet, Vitol is able to participate actively in pre-financing and investment opportunities.


A world leader in energy with unique expertise and understanding of global and regional market dynamics.


For over 55 years Vitol has served the world’s energy markets, distributing and delivering energy efficiently to growing economies worldwide.


Vitol understands the risks associated with the physical movement of energy. It seeks to mitigate these risks and to manage all its assets responsible and safely.

Environment & Social


An integral business consideration

Vitol’s E&S framework sets out our beliefs and requirements. We expect all the companies in which we are invested to follow these or similar standards.